L'art et ses Services

  • delacroix

    Quality services for the art market.

  • delacroix

    Des services de qualité pour le marché de l’art.

L’Art et ses Services

L'Art et ses Services was founded in 2011 by Chantal Grangé, and in partnership with Nadine Lennox, it offers a range of six services dedicated to the art market.

As a certified expert in 19th and 20th century painting at the Chambre Nationale des Experts Spécialisés in Paris, Chantal Grangé has access to a local network of highly qualified experts, auctioneers, art historians and decorators to ensure an optimum level of expertise in every one of the six domains.

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Appraisals & Inventories

The assurance of an appraisal by a certified art expert.

Auctions and Private Sales

Auctions & Private Sales

Your personal auction and private-sales consultant.



Mother-tongue translations by art-market specialists.

Research and Documentation

Research & Documentation

A service designed to help you sell more effectively.

Paris art tours

Paris Art Tours

Preferential access to art galleries and museums in Paris.



Personalized sourcing, home staging & organizing services.