A one-day training program and conference on evaluating paintings

A one-day training program and conference on evaluating paintings

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hall d'accueil du cercle des armées Paris

Cercle National des Armées,, Paris

This conference, conducted by Chantal Grangé, a certified expert in 19th and 20th century painting, took place on November 17, 2014 at the Cercle National des Armées, 8 place Saint-Augustin in Paris. It was a one-day program tailored for a well-informed public of judicial officers from all over France.Through illustrated examples of old master paintings, modern and contemporary works of art, the morning session consisted of an introduction to the principal art-historical periods. The afternoon session was devoted to the technical and practical aspects of evaluation, as well as a hands-on inspection and analysis of various framed works of art.


From the Italian “Primitives” to Francis Bacon’s modern triptych

Several centuries of the history of painting were explored through various case studies pertaining to evaluation, museum discoveries, art-market anecdotes and auction-results analyses. These were some of the works discussed during the morning session: The Thébaïde by Fra Angelico and his workshop, The Visitation, circa 1470-1480, Apollo and Marsyas by Nicolas Poussin, Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet, The Annunciation at Fiesole by Maurice Denis, The Weeping Woman by Picasso and The Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons.

6 200 EUR - Jean Urbain Guérin (1760-1836), Portrait           revers de tableau         Joan Miro

The technical aspects of evaluating a painting

The  session took into account all technical aspects (materials, surface, restoration) and evaluation methods (forgeries, copies, questions of attribution, research, vocabulary, etc). During the ‘discussion workshop’, we inspected and analyzed paintings from different periods and in a variety of techniques. Based on both theory and practice, this one-day program enabled the participants to acquire the basic principles of evaluating old master paintings as well as modern and contemporary works of art.