Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees

Appraisals – Inventories – Auction Sales

Verbal estimates or those provided through our online request form are free of charge. Please note that estimates are provisional and subject to revision if personally inspected by an expert. Formal estimates of this nature are subject to a fee.

Inventory fees are subject to the following:

  • Quantity and type of works to be appraised
  • Inventory purpose: insurance, inheritance, sale
  • Client location

Commission rates for auction sales are determined by the auctioneer and stipulated in the consignment agreement. We offer complimentary storage and there are no recovery costs if the object does not sell. Shipping costs, based on a prior estimate, are at the charge of the consigner.

Translation – Research & Documentation

Translation fees are subject to the nature of the text. We provide a prompt quote based on the submitted final-version of the document.

Research & Documentation fees are subject to the amount of work required. We will provide a preliminary estimate after reviewing your request.


Home Staging & Organizing fees are based on a daily rate. We provide an estimate after an on-site consultation to evaluate your needs.

Paris Art Tours

Half-day rate: 400 €

Full-day rate: 800 €

Car and driver provided at additional cost.  

Package deals available for two or more days.