Research & Documentation

Research & Documentation

Research and Documentation

A service designed to help you sell more effectively.

Are you an antique dealer, gallery owner or auction house, an artisan, artist, or collector in need of assistance to research and document your works of art?  Whether it’s for a collection, art exhibit, art fair, press release, video or website we provide a complete range of services for the art, fashion and luxury goods sectors:

  • Object-specific research (identify the maker, period and subject matter)
  • Documentation (photographs, measurements, signature & markings, materials & techniques, distinguishing features etc.)
  • Literature (provenance, bibliography, comparative literature, historical significance)
  • Translation into several languages (see our translation section)
  • Design & layout (publications, promotional pieces and tablet presentations)

Our specialty: Richly illustrated and thoroughly researched documents, in both French and English, ready to be delivered to your clients anytime, anywhere in the world!

Examples of our work:

Video, Press, Advertising, Exhibition Materials


Research, literature and translation Jacques Nève, expert clockmaker and dealer Research, literature "Le Grand Véfour" Art et Décoration
Advertising Renaissance, Vintage Haute-Couture Literature, press release, invitations Keribar Exhibit